Science – Heat Transfer Unit


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Unit Overview– Students will explore and examine heat transfer

Students will explore and examine heat transfer in the context of the kitchen. Students will identify sources of heat in the home and environment exploring two modes of heat transfer ā€“ conduction and convection. Students will explore conductors and insulators.

Lesson three– Students will explore conductors and insulators and identify conductors and insulators in familiar contexts. Students will identify that some materials are considered conductors and others considered insulators, and that they will be exploring materials to understand what these terms mean.

Strands and content descriptors that match this resource.

Science Understanding

Physical sciences: Heat can be produced in many ways and can move from one object to another (ACSSU049)

Science as a Human Endeavour

  • Nature and development of science: Science involves making predictions and describing patterns and relationships (ACSHE061)
  • Nature and development of science: Science knowledge helps people to understand the effects of their actions (ACSHE062)

Science Inquiry Skills

  • Questioning and predicting: With guidance, identify questions in familiar contexts that can be investigated scientifically and predict what might happen based on prior knowledge (ACSIS064).
  • Planning and conducting: Suggest ways to plan and conduct investigations to find answers to questions (ACSIS065).
  • Planning and conducting: Safely use appropriate materials, tools or equipment to make and record observations, using formal measurements and digital technologies as appropriate (ACSIS066).
  • Processing and analysing data and information: Use a range of methods including tables and simple column graphs to represent data and to identify patterns and trends (ACSIS068)
  • Communicating: Represent and communicate ideas and findings in a variety of ways such as diagrams, physical representations and simple reports (ACSIS071)


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